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Mandy or Amanda
16 May 2007 @ 11:00 pm
Okay so pretty much I'm sitting in front of my TV laptop in my lap and as I watch I'm going to tell you my thoughts so if you want to read just follow the cut

To fight for my meals....Collapse )
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Mandy or Amanda
16 May 2007 @ 09:00 pm
Time to recap! Americas Next Top Model will be announced tonight so here I am...

Wanna be on top . . .Collapse )
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Mandy or Amanda
10 May 2007 @ 06:13 pm
Hey everyone one!
If you love me you'll read everything after

the cut...Collapse )
Includes personal life, OTH, HEROES, and CSI: NY
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Mandy or Amanda
06 May 2007 @ 03:48 pm
Okay so I'm making this post public. Last night my mother decides is the night where everything she has taught me when it comes to respect is void. She had seven of her friends over to drink and be morons.

At 7 I got to go upstairs and watch 4 hyper disobedient children and a newborn baby. Then at 8:30 two of the kids and the baby leave. Then by 9 all of them are gone. By 10:30 I get to bed and just want to sleep since for the entire day my mother chose to bitch and complain as well as ignore her children's needs. My mother has never acted like this before, yesterday was all about her which I'm sorry once you become a mom life becomes about your kids not you!

Anyways I'm trying to sleep through my hunger since she scrimped portions for her friends and left me with my six year old sisters portion. Every time I am half asleep they start yelling at the top of their lungs! Finally 12 rolls around and I walk out because that is when my mom said they were leaving. Turns out that none of them are ready yet they don't want to leave. Fuck the five kids and husband that all live there!

So my mother starts to yell and her friends start joking about how I should go to bed. All I have to say to one of them is "Hey bitch you don't know me or my rage blackouts [when your so angry that you forget reality because the anger is so strong you just want to beat the shit out of em'] so go home!" My mom says 1 is when they will be leaving. I go back to my doorway and wait with the door open. They were so loud that the children who were sleeping started to wake!

Finally its 1 and I've had it! I walk down and say hey mom you said one its one! They laugh and joke about how I want them to be quiet to which I say no I want you to go home! I'm walking up the stairs and they are getting louder!!! Ready for the best part one of them was so fucking drunk that my father who just drove two hours home and has nerve damage from breaking his neck has to drive one of them home! He won't complain so I will for him...

Finally they all left at 2:00! Are you joking me! WTF they all pretend to care about me but when I want some peace and quiet in own home they showed their true colors. You know I expected it out of some of them but the others I can't stand right now.

My mom started saying how when I have my friends sleep over she give us privacy but the thing is I never forced her to. Typically my mom and I a really close and all of my friends adore my parents so I never wanted or needed her to hide in her own home and never disrespected her like that. Second of all when 11 rolls around she throws a fit if we are too loud I wait till 12 AM and she fucking throws a hissy fit because its her home.

Hello just because you own it doesn't make it just your home! It makes it your house but 6 other people live here and you neglected and hurt them for your own benefit. My little sister was so hungry she tried to escape eight times for food and my mom didn't give a shit! I'm just so disappointed because she promised it would be that bad but it was terrible!

What do you think am I over reacting?
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Mandy or Amanda
04 May 2007 @ 08:19 am
The latest thing is your Visual DNA so here is mine

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